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The main components of rubbish bags are plastics, including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride materials, polypropylene materials, polystyrene resin materials, polyamide, and other polymers, as well as additives to promote the fusion and modification of materials.
Polyethylene, abbreviated as PE, is a thermoplastic resin that accounts for a high percentage of the raw materials used in the production of rubbish bags and is made from ethylene by polymerization. Rubbish bags made from polyethylene are called PE bags. According to the use of polyethylene raw material density of different PE bags produced can be divided into high-density bags and low-density two kinds. High-density PE rubbish bags have higher polyethylene content, so the toughness and transparency are also higher, the touch feels stiffer, and the price is relatively expensive, often used in hotels, properties, urban sanitation, and cleaning with rubbish bags or supermarket shopping bags. Low-density PE rubbish bags are just the opposite of high-density bags, with weaker density and transparency, soft to the touch, inexpensive, and are mainly used in homes, offices, and other scenes.
Plastic rubbish bags can be customized with different thicknesses, sizes, colors, and printing according to different needs, so OEM and ODM customization is acceptable.

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Zhejiang Hualida Plastics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. The factory site covers an area of 60000 square meters and has over 200 employees.

We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of Garbage Bag, such as PE bags, PLA bags, TPE bags, shopping bags, gift bags, and so on. Our company has advanced plastic packaging production lines. The daily output can achieve 50 tons.

We have been awarded the ISO9001&ISO14001&ISO45001 Certificate. We also have a skilled R&D team that can continuously release innovative designs and many products have the appearance patent. We can provide professional ODM and OEM services. Our main market includes Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, and so on. Welcome to visit our company!


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Garbage Bag Industry Knowledge Extension

Garbage bags play an indispensable role in our daily lives, and garbage bags made of polyethylene (PE) materials occupy a place in the market with their unique characteristics. Hualida Packing is committed to providing customers with high-quality PE garbage bag series, including household garbage bags, industrial garbage bags and biodegradable garbage bags to meet the needs of different uses.

Characteristics of polyethylene materials

1. High strength and durability:

PE garbage bags are made of polyethylene material, which has excellent strength and durability and can withstand the weight and shape of various garbage, ensuring that it is not easy to break or leak during use.

2. Light and easy to carry:

Polyethylene is a lightweight material, making PE garbage bags very light and easy to carry, making it convenient for users to use in daily life. The lightweight design makes the garbage bag more convenient when carrying and disposing of garbage.

3. Good chemical resistance:

PE material has good chemical resistance and can effectively resist chemicals in garbage, ensuring that garbage bags are not susceptible to corrosion or degradation during use and extending their service life.

Different types of PE garbage bags

1. Household garbage bags:

Household trash bags are usually designed to be moderately sized to accommodate the general trash generated in a household's daily life. This type of garbage bag usually has moderate strength and can handle all kinds of garbage in daily life, such as kitchen waste, paper, etc.

2. Industrial garbage bags:

Industrial garbage bags are designed to handle large amounts of garbage. This type of garbage bag usually has a stronger load-bearing capacity and durability to meet the large volume and weight of garbage generated in industrial sites.

3. Biodegradable garbage bags:

Today, with increasing awareness of environmental protection, biodegradable garbage bags have become a much-discussed option. PE garbage bags are made of biodegradable PE material, which helps reduce the burden on the environment and ultimately returns to nature through the biodegradation process.

Environmental sustainability

1. Environmental protection in the production process:

Hualida Packing is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through environmentally friendly production processes. We use modern production technology to effectively control waste emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of the production process.

2. Biodegradable PE material:

The material of biodegradable garbage bags is a green variant of PE. By introducing biodegradable additives in production, the garbage bags can naturally degrade in a short time after being discarded, reducing the burden on the environment.

3. Recycling and recycling:

The recyclability of PE garbage bags is also one of its environmentally friendly features. We encourage users to recycle used garbage bags to reduce resource waste through recycling and further promote the goal of sustainable development.

Hualida Packing's PE garbage bag series provides users with reliable, convenient, and environmentally friendly garbage disposal solutions through its multiple features such as high strength, lightness, portability, and environmental sustainability. We not only pay attention to the actual performance of the products, but also care about the impact on the environment, and are committed to creating a green and clean living environment for our customers. When you choose Hualida Packing’s PE garbage bags, you choose to make a positive contribution to the environment and the future.