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A plastic zip bag is a storage bag with a zip made from plastic material. It is designed for storing clothes and protects them from dust, moisture, pests and other potential damages. These bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of clothing such as shirts, trousers, jackets or dresses. They are usually transparent or translucent, allowing the user to easily see the contents without having to open the bag. The plastic material used is usually durable and waterproof, ensuring that clothes remain clean and dry when stored. Plastic zip lock bags for clothes are also commonly used for travelling or organising wardrobes.

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Zhejiang Hualida Plastics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. The factory site covers an area of 60000 square meters and has over 200 employees.

We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of Zipper Bag For Clothes, such as PE bags, PLA bags, TPE bags, shopping bags, gift bags, and so on. Our company has advanced plastic packaging production lines. The daily output can achieve 50 tons.

We have been awarded the ISO9001&ISO14001&ISO45001 Certificate. We also have a skilled R&D team that can continuously release innovative designs and many products have the appearance patent. We can provide professional ODM and OEM services. Our main market includes Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, and so on. Welcome to visit our company!


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Zipper Bag For Clothes Industry Knowledge Extension

In modern fashion life, clothing is not only a daily necessity, but also a part of personality display. To protect and properly store clothing, Hualida Packing offers a range of high-quality clothing storage bags that provide exquisite and comprehensive protection for your clothing.

Clothes Zipper Bags - Fashion Meets Protection

1. Fashionable appearance design:

Clothes Zipper Bags not only provide excellent protection performance, but also pay attention to fashionable appearance design. Available in a variety of colors and patterns to keep your clothing stylish while in storage. This bag is a practical and stylish option for clothing storage.

2. Strong zipper closure:

Clothes Zipper Bags are equipped with strong zippers to ensure that clothes are safely and securely sealed inside the bag. This design not only provides a convenient use experience, but also effectively prevents external dust and moisture from damaging clothing.

3. Multiple size options:

To accommodate different types and sizes of clothing, Clothes Zipper Bags are available in a variety of sizes. Find the right bag for everything from small shirts to long coats, ensuring every piece of your clothing is properly protected.

PE Frosted Zipper Bag - Gentle care of matte material

1. Clear and transparent:

PE Frosted Zipper Bag is made of matte material, which not only maintains clear transparency, but also adds a layer of soft light and shadow, creating a unique visual effect for your clothes. This design is both beautiful and helps to quickly identify the contents of the bag.

2. Durable and waterproof:

PE Frosted Zipper Bag has good waterproof performance and effectively prevents moisture from damaging clothes. This durable bag is ideal for storing seasonal clothing, ensuring it stays dry and fresh outside of use.

3. Zipper seal:

The zipper sealing design of the PE Frosted Zipper Bag is simple and practical, ensuring the sealing performance of the bag. Whether you are organizing your wardrobe or taking it with you for travel, you can easily take care of it and ensure that your clothes are kept intact during storage.

PE Self Sealing Bag - ideal for convenient sealing

1. Self-sealing design:

PE Self Sealing Bag adopts self-sealing design, getting rid of the tedious sealing process. Just gently press the mouth of the bag to seal it quickly and firmly, providing you with a convenient use experience.

2. Transparent materials:

The bag is made of transparent material, allowing you to see the clothing inside the bag at a glance. This transparent design makes it easier for you to find the clothing you need without opening the bag, improving the efficiency of organization and access.

3. Use in multiple scenarios:

PE Self Sealing Bag is suitable for various scenarios, not only as a storage bag for household clothes, but also for sample display and packaging in commercial environments. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of your storage needs.

Zipper Storage Bag - All-around storage

1. Large capacity design:

With its large capacity, the Zipper Storage Bag is suitable for storing more clothing, including heavy winter coats or seasonal bedding. This gives you more flexible storage options to suit different seasons and occasions.

2. Strengthen the zipper structure:

Zipper Storage Bag adopts reinforced zipper structure, which enhances the durability of the bag. Even if a large amount of clothing is stored, the zipper can be kept smooth, ensuring the sealing effect and service life of the bag.

3. Breathable design:

In order to prevent odor caused by long-term storage of clothes, the Zipper Storage Bag adopts a breathable design to maintain air circulation in the bag. This design effectively prevents the generation of mildew and odor, providing a fresh storage environment for your clothing.

Whether you focus on fashionable appearance, gentle and caring matte design, or self-sealing and convenient use experience, these clothes zipper bags are the ideal choice for your clothing storage.