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Durable Needle Punch Nonwoven Bag

A non-woven shopping bag is a reusable bag made from non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics are produced by bonding long fibers together using thermal, chemical, or mechanical processes, rather than weaving or knitting them together. This gives the fabric a sheet-like appearance and characteristics that make it suitable for a variety of applications, including shopping bags.
Non-woven shopping bags are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to plastic bags because they are more environmentally friendly. They can be reused many times and are usually made from a mixture of polypropylene (PP) and other recyclable synthetic fibers. These bags are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and can be customised with logos or designs. Non-woven shopping bags are durable, lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for carrying groceries, clothes, books and other items. They are also easy to clean and maintain as they can be hand or machine washed.

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Zhejiang Hualida Plastics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. The factory site covers an area of 60000 square meters and has over 200 employees.

We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of Non-woven Shopping Bag, such as PE bags, PLA bags, TPE bags, shopping bags, gift bags, and so on. Our company has advanced plastic packaging production lines. The daily output can achieve 50 tons.

We have been awarded the ISO9001&ISO14001&ISO45001 Certificate. We also have a skilled R&D team that can continuously release innovative designs and many products have the appearance patent. We can provide professional ODM and OEM services. Our main market includes Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, and so on. Welcome to visit our company!


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Non-woven Shopping Bag Industry Knowledge Extension

Non-woven shopping bags are one of the most popular environmentally friendly choices on the market today, with the advantages of being lightweight, durable, and reusable. Hualida Packing offers various types of nonwoven shopping bags, including Needle Punch Nonwoven Bags and Non-Woven PET Shopping Bags, to meet the needs of different consumers and industries.

1. Needle Punch Nonwoven Bag:

This non-woven shopping bag is made of needle-punched non-woven technology. The fiber web is formed by high-speed needle punching and processed by heat pressing or gluing to make the bag stronger and more durable. This manufacturing method gives the shopping bag excellent tear and stretch resistance, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and withstand daily use. Needle-punched nonwoven shopping bags are suitable for a variety of occasions, including shopping, travel and promotional events. At the same time, manufacturers can carry out personalized design and printing according to customer needs to strengthen the brand image.

2. Non-Woven PET Shopping Bags:

Non-Woven PET Shopping Bags are made from polyester (PET) material, which is a recyclable and environmentally friendly option. The manufacturing process of this shopping bag does not involve traditional spinning and weaving processes, thus reducing energy consumption and emissions. PET shopping bags are lightweight yet strong, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, the transparency of PET material also makes shopping bags more fashionable and makes product display more attractive. Manufacturers can provide customers with a personalized shopping experience by choosing different colors, sizes and printing styles.


These two non-woven shopping bags share many common product features, including:

Environmentally friendly materials: Non-woven materials are inherently an environmentally friendly choice, and PET is a recyclable material that helps reduce dependence on natural resources.

Durability: Using high-quality manufacturing processes, these two shopping bags offer outstanding durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a long service life.

Lightweight and Portable: Due to the lightweight material, these shopping bags are very portable and suitable for various daily activities.

Customization options: The manufacturer provides a wealth of customization options, including size, color and printing design, to meet the unique needs of different customers.

These high-quality non-woven shopping bags are not only ideal companions for daily shopping, but are also widely used in various commercial and promotional activities. They are ideal for brand promotion, and by printing company logos and slogans on shopping bags, manufacturers are able to increase brand awareness in their customers' daily lives.

These shopping bags also play an important promotional role in various activities, such as conference gift bags, event gift bags, etc. Their lightweight design and reusability allow consumers to use them on multiple occasions, spreading brand messages to a wider audience. Therefore, these non-woven shopping bags are not only practical daily necessities, but also an innovative marketing tool, providing manufacturers with diversified application scenarios.

By combining needle punched nonwoven technology and PET materials, Hualida Packing embodies its commitment to quality, environmental protection and innovation in the manufacture of nonwoven shopping bags. Whether emphasizing durability or environmentally friendly features, these shopping bags offer consumers ideal options for different needs. As a shopping bag manufacturer, Hualida Packing pays attention to the sustainability of its products while meeting market needs, and strives to provide customers with a more environmentally friendly and high-quality shopping experience.